Video About GATE 2015 Cracking Skills

The competition for GATE 2015 is much more than previous GATE exams. Because it is the great gateway to both higher studies as well as PSU's Jobs for Engineer. From this video,we are helping you to improve your following skill sets for Cracking GATE 2015.
1. Understanding basic concepts
2. Application of knowledge
3. Analytical skill 4. General Aptitude
5. Basic English

8051 Microcontroller Architecture Video

This video covers the internal architecture ,pin diagram,registers RAM memory location and some of the special function registers of 8051 microcontroller. Hereby, we can learn each and every block of architecture and also explained its pin details specially port pins and how all the registers are stored in memory, it may be general purpose or special purpose registers and what is its specified address.

8051 Instruction Set Video Tutorials

This video mainly covers different types of instructions supported in 8051.These instructions are very useful for how to write the coding in assembly language using 8051 micro controller and in this, each type of the instruction set is explained with some examples.All the four types of instruction sets supported in 8051 are explained.And also,the number of bytes occupied for individual instruction is also explained with opcodes and operands.

8051 Microcontroller Addressing Modes

This video shortly covers the different types of addressing modes in 8051. it is useful for ,how to start the coding with these instructions.some examples in this video, will makes you clear of that and also you can learn where to use which type of addressing modes in your program.

Microcontroller Timer Video Tutorial

The video covers the basic lecture about 8051 micro controller timers and counters .It is useful for the beginners of 8051 learners,which shortly describes about the different kinds of registers role in timers and counters operation.

Optimal Control

Course Description :
Lecture Series on Optimal Control by Prof. Goshaidas Ray,Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.