Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Systems

Course Description :
Lecture Series on Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Systems by Prof.P.K. Das, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. Introduction and Some Definitions, First Law of Thermodynamics(Open System), Second Law and Carnot Principle, Property of Pure Substance, Steam Table, Ideal Gas Laws, Different Processes, Introduction to Vapour Power Cycle, Vapour Power Cycle, Steam Power Cycle, Steam Nozzle, Basic Concept of Turbine, Velocity Diagram, Steam Turbine-Impulse, Reaction Turbine Compounding, Comparison of Different Staging Arrangement, Basics Laws of Fluid Mechanics, Refrigeration Vapour Compression Cycle, Pipeline&Pipe Network, Pipe Friction, Major Loss, Minor Loss, Psychometrics, Psychometric Processes, Air Conditioning, Summer&Winter Air Conditioning, Gas Power Cycles, Cycles for IC Engines, Gas Turbine Cycles, Modification of Brayton Cycle, Introduction to Convective Heat Transfer Forced&Free Convection.

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