Prestressed Concrete Structures

Course Description :
Lectures by Prof. A.K.Sengupta Department of Civil Engineering IIT Madras. , Prestressing System, Type of Prestressing, Prestressing System and Devices(Pre-Tensioning), Prestressing System and Devices(Post-Tensioning), Concrete,Grout, Prestressing Steel, Losses in Prestress, Friction&Anchorage Slip, Creep,Shrinkage&Relaxation Losses, Analysis of Members, Analysis of Members Under Flexure, Cracking Moment,Kern Point and Pressure Line, Analysis of Rectangular sections, Analysis of Flanged Sections, Analysis of Partically Prestressed Section, Design of Members, Design of Members for Flexure (Type1 Members), Design of Members for Flexure (Type1&Type3), Choice of Sections and Determination of Limiting, Magnel's Graphical Method, Detailing Requirements, Analysis and Design for Shear and Torsion, Design for Shear, Analysis of Torsion, Calculations of Deflection and Crack Width, Transmission of Prestress, Post-tensioned Members, Cantilever Beams, Continuous Beams, Composite Sections, One-Way Slabs, Two-Way Slabs, compression Members, Circular Prestressing, Conclusion.


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