Performance of Marine Vehicles At Sea

Course Description :
Lecture Series on Performance of Marine Vehicles At Sea by Prof.S. C. Misra and Prof.D.Sen, Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, IIT Kharagpur. , Components of Resistance, Dimensional Analysis, Frictional Resistance, Wave Making Resistance, Other Components of Resistance, Model Experiments, Shallow Water Effects, Ship hull form and Resistance, Propeller Geometry, Introduction to High Speed Crafts, Propeller in Open Water, Propeller 'behind' a ship, propeller experiments, propeller Theories, Cavitation, Regular Sea Waves, Ship Motion in Regular Waves, Ship Motion in irregular Waves, Motion in Short Crested Sea,Coupled Motions, Derived Responses, Ship Controllability : Introductory Notes, Equation of Motion in Horizontal Plane, Hydrodynamic Derivatives and Stability, Ship Trials and Maneuvers, Heel During Turn, IMO Requirements, Rudder Hydrodynamics.

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