Mechanics of Solids

Course Description :
Lecture Series on Mechanics of Solids by Prof.M.S.Siva Kumar , Department of Applied Mechanics ,I.I.T.Madras. Mechanics of Solids : Planar Rigid Body, Degrees of freedom, Equations of Equilibrium, Planar rigid body Statics Example, Structural Systems with rigid bodies, Types of 1-D Structural Elements, Trusses - Axial members, Analysis of Truss Systems, Stability of Structural systems, Trusses - additional discussions, Method of Sections, Beams - example, BMD & SFD, loading, shear and BM relationships, Virtual work method, Virtual displacements, Finding virtual displacements, Virtual Work Method - Example, Static Friction - an understanding, Belt Friction, Friction : Solving Problems, Dynamics: general concepts - rigid bodies, motion of a rigid body = a translation + a rotation, motion of a point of the rigid body, motion of one point on a rigid body relative to another, Understanding rotational motion r_dot = w x r, Kinematics velocity and acceleration, Understanding Coriolis Acceleration, Kinematics - Solving problems, Equations of motion of a rigid body, Tips and Techniques, Solving Problems, Tips and Tricks - Engineering Statics - solivng problems

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