Environmental Air Pollution

Lectures by Prof. Mukesh Sharma Department of Civil Engineering IIT Kanpur. Environmental Air Pollution - Introduction to Atmosphere, Air Pollution Systems, Air Quality Standards, Types and Forms of Air Pollutants, Measurement Units and Particulate classification, Interpretation and Particle Size Distributions, Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants, Kinetics of Air Pollution and Combustion Processe, Internal Combustion Engine and Air Pollution, Air Pollution and Health, Emission Inventory, Sources of air pollution, Emission from Fugitive Sources & Sulfuric acid production, Aluminium Production and Air Pollution, Coke Production & Air Pollution, Examples for Practice, Meteorological measurements and their interpretation, Examples for Practice-Dispersion Modeling, Vertical Temperature Profile of Atmosphere, Stability Mixing Height and Plume Behavior, Solar Radiation based Stability Calculation, Air Quality Modeling, Derivation of Guassian Model, Guassian model useful formulation, Plume Rise , Area and Line source model, Air Quality Modeling-Maximum Ground Level Concent, Examples for Air Quality Modeling, Air Pollution Control Devices, Source Emission Monitoring, Receptor Source Modeling, Environmental Laws.

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