Digital Systems Design Video Course

Course Description:

This video Lecture Series is on Digital Systems Design by Prof.D.Roychoudhury, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,IIT Kharagpur.- Introduction, Digital Logic, Boolean Algebra, Boolean Function Minimization, Hazzard Covers by K - Map, Combinational Circuit Design, Design of ADDER Circuits, Design of Subtractor Circuits, Design of Common Digital Elements, Design of Complex Combinational Circuits, Design of Combinational Circuits, Combinational Logic Problem Design, Combinational Logic Design, Logic Design with PLA, Synchronous Sequential Circuit Design, Design of Sequential Modules, Design of Registers and Counter, Finite State Machine Design, Finite State Machine Design and Optimization, Programmable Logic Devices, Design of Arithmetic Circuits, Design of Memory Circuits, Algorithmic State Machines Chart, Design of Computer Instruction Set and the CPU, Design of a Micro Programmed CPU, Digital System Design Current State of the Art.

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