Design and Analysis of Algorithms Video Course

Course Description:

This video Lecture Series is on Design & Analysis of Algorithms by Prof.Abhiram Ranade, Department of Computer Science Engineering,IIT Bombay.- Overview, Framework for Algorithms Analysis, Algorithms Analysis Framework - II, Asymptotic Notation, Algorithm Design Techniques : Basics, Divide And Conquer - I, Divide And Conquer -II Median Finding, Divide And Conquer -III Surfing Lower Bounds, Divide And Conquer -IV Closest Pair, Greedy Algorithms, Pattern Matching, Combinational Search and Optimization, Dynamic Programming, Longest Common Subsequences, Matric Chain Multiplication, Scheduling with Startup and Holding Costs, Bipartite Maximum Matching, Lower Bounds for Sorting, Element Distinctness Lower Bounds, NP-Completeness-I -Motivation, Approximation Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms for NP.

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  1. Visuals help with discussing the topic. This is a great resource.