Artificial Intelligence II Video Course

Course Description :
This Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence by Prof.P.Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Problem Solving by Search, Searching with Costs, Informed State Space Search, euristic Search: A* and Beyond, Problem Reduction Search: AND/OR Graphs, Searching Game Trees, Knowledge Based Systems: Logic and Deduction, First Order Logic, Inference in First Order Logic, Resolution Refutation Proofs, Logic Programming : Prolog, Prolog Programming, Prolog: Exercising Control, Additional Topics, Introduction to Planning, Partial Order Planning, GraphPLAN and SATPlan, SATPlan, Reasoning Under Uncertainity, Bayesian Networks, Reasoning with Bayes Networks, Reasoning with Bayes Networks (Cont..), Reasoning Under Uncertainity: Issues, Learning : Decision Trees, Learning : Neural Networks, Back Propagation Learning.


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