Videos on basic Maths for CAT Exam

Videos on basic Maths for CAT Exam from Handa Ka Funda contains LR & DI - Video Response of Khurram Khowaja, Number System - Video Response to Prashant Chawla, Video Response for Nitin Rajpurohit, Probability - Video Response to Prashant Chawla, Syllogisms - Video Response to Nitin Rajpurohit, Video Response to A.Dasarathan, Tech Grandmaster by handakafunda, Trick to square a number - Suraj Kumar, Geometry - Circle by handakafunda, Algebra - Logarithms, Basics of Algebra, Arithmetic - Partnership, Geometry - Basics of geometry, Arithmetic - Average, Geometry - Solids, Modern Maths - Set Theory, Permutation and Combination, Geometry - Co-ordinate, Number System - Base System, Arithmetic - Time Speed Distance, Geometry - Triangle, Arithmetic - Simple and Compound Interest, Simple and Compound Interest, Modern Maths - Sequence Series.


  1. This video explains quite well how a wide range of math areas. I think this would be a great tool for my students to learn and understand math easily. math tutor

  2. what a nice page.. i love it,, thanks a lot fascinates me about the power of modulo,,, and that,s why ..I’m gonna make a study on that…thanks.. help me with maths

  3. i want to know how to calculate the service rate of each queue in this question.Mr.KEN walked into john bank where there were three queues designated by X,Y,Z.The traffic intercity queue was 0.8.The arrival rate of queue X was 12 customers per hour,Y was 15 customers per hour and Z was 14 customers per hour.

    1. kindly help me to answer the anonymous question which is under comments about queues

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