Bank Exam Video Coaching Classes

Reasoning Ability : ORDER and RANK, Odd One Out, CODING DECODING, ALPHABETICAL ORDER, COMPARISON, LOGICAL THINKING exercise, Maths Word Problems : PERCENTAGE, Ratio and Proportion, AVERAGE, PARTNERSHIP, SIMPLE INTEREST, SPEED, TIME and DISTANCE, Basic Computer Knowledge : OSI Reference Model, Multiplication, Division, How to memorize Mathematical Formula, Decimal to Binary conversion, Fast Multiplication trick, Place Value of Numbers, How to convert Fractions to Decimals, How to convert Mixed Fractions to Decimals, How to measure speed, Proper, Improper and Mixed Fractions, Trick to identify Prime Numbers from 1 to 100, Metric Unit conversion made easy, CUBE OF A NUMBER, SQUARE OF A NUMBER, Maths Word Problems : TRAINS, Your MONEY?, TRUE Discount, TIme and Work, Syllogism, PROFIT and LOSS, Pipes and Cisterns, HCF and LCM, COMPOUND INTEREST, DIRECTION, Calculate CUBE ROOT, AGE, SERIES.